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Variable Assistance

Helps you go further and steeper.

Various Models

We have several models available to meet most needs and can obtain additional models for specific purposes if required.

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Low Cost

No Road Tax, MOT or expensive insurance.


Pedal Assist Ebikes

About Ebikes

Our Bikes - Pedal Assist Ebikes

Introducing our pedal assisted mountain bikes with powerful Samsung batteries.

Ebikes cannot be beaten for low-cost, convenient personal transport. Whether you are looking to make things a bit easier, flatten exhausting hills, commute to work or college without arriving all sweaty, getting more exercise without overdoing things or just to have fun, a modern electric bike will help you achieve it! With a top speed of almost 16mph (25kph) you can cover a mile in less than 4 minutes with very little effort.

  • No driving licence
  • No road tax
  • No MOT
  • No expensive insurance
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Electricity costs around 1p for 3 miles!

The Law

Ebikes are governed by different legislation to most other motorised road vehicles and this means the legal requirements of the owner or rider are vastly reduced. UK law refers to them as an EAPC (Electrically Assisted Pedal Cycle) and is briefly defined as pedal cycle that has powered assistance up to a maximum of almost 16mph (25kph), with a motor power output of no more than 250W. They can be ridden by anyone over the age of 14 with no upper limit and some buyers are in their 70’s and 80’s and use them regularly. They do not require registration, road tax, motor insurance, MOT or a driving licence. You can view the rules as stated by The Highway Code HERE


Travel Further, Faster and Easier

Once you start turning the pedals a 250 watt motor, powered by a 36 volt battery, kicks in and pedalling becomes easy. The benefit of motorised assistance also allows you to maintain a higher average speed during your journey. This helps to drastically reduce journey times and allows you to take in more of the scenery. Imagine arriving at your destination faster and still full of energy.

Make Hills Easy!

With a powerful 36 volt electric motor doing all the hard work, your legs won’t get tired anything like as quickly as they would on a standard bike. This allows you to ride for longer and cover much greater distances.

Switching between the various settings will select the degree of assistance the motor will provide. Hills that are usually considered steep and daunting are made easy using motorised assistance. The assistance can also be turned off, allowing you to use it like a regular bike.

Intelligent Computer Control

Various types are fitted depending upon the cycle from simple 3 level control giving low, medium and high level assistance to a more sophisticated controller with 9 levels of assistance , speedometer, trip meter , and average speed read out. For low light conditions or night travel the meter also has back lighting for improved visibility of the screen.

Large Range

Features powerful and reliable Samsung lithium batteries that are capable of assisting you up to 55 miles (model dependant) on a single charge. Even if you do use all the battery charge, you can still pedal exactly as you would on a standard bike.

Highly Equipped

With features like Shimano Tourney gears and front and rear disc brakes as standard, it is obvious that this is not a low specification bike! Available with aluminium frames, seat posts, handlebars and alloy suspension, plus weights as low as 20.6kg. All cycles are fitted with steel disc brakes, mechanically operated with either Bratec or Katour brakes. A free bicycle pump, tool kit, reflectors, a bell and assembly instructions are also supplied.

Powerful 36v Output

All our bikes use 36 volt electrics which allows for greater torque and provides outstanding pulling power when climbing hills etc. Lower voltage systems simply cannot match this performance.

Arrange a test ride before purchasing. We have sample cycles for test ride purposes

Certification and Warranty

All bicycles are compliant with all relevant European safety regulations including EN15194, EN14764, CE directive and RoHS. Each Bicycle is manufactured according to a company quality system and approved according to ISO9001.

All bikes are guaranteed for 1 year from date of purchase. This covers all mechanical and electrical components for any faults excluding tyres, natural wear and tear or physical damage.

Samsung batteries are guaranteed for 2 years from date of purchase.

Pedal Assist Ebikes